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Retirement Ready

How to Get From Where You Are, to Where You Want to Go

This educational program is designed to help you figure out where you are, answer the 4 most important questions you need to know order to retire and not run out of money, and gives you clarity to see if your plan is going to get you there. 

We will help you understand and discover the real truths about how money really works and flows through your life now and in retirement. 

Our goal is to help you improve your current plan or help you to build a safe, predictable, TAX FREE retirement income which you CANNOT outlive.

What you'll get:

  • 17 years and $600,000 in education combined in one easy to follow educational program (valued at $2,000)

  • A 1 on 1 with James Johnson, who will show you your custom Retirement Ready or Not Report and bring clarity to your plan to get you where you want to go (valued at $750)

  • A 25-page Estate Directory that will help you to organize your financial life like never before (valued at $50)

  • Plus MUCH more...


JUST $79 today! 

What People Are Saying About Retirement Ready:

James puts a ton of enthusiasm and content into each of his educational videos: I learned so much about optimizing my “different buckets” of money in preparation for retirement. The education I got is definitely going to pay off in the long run. With James’ videos and his personal help, I won’t procrastinate or fail to plan — I’ll really “get round 'tuit” and, hopefully, keep smiling into retirement!

Mike M.

I've been a financial advisor for over 30 years. During that time, I have found that people are often paralyzed by the idea of sitting down to plan their retirement. Making decisions about their investment, income and tax planning can be overwhelming. In his video series, James makes these complicated concepts much easier to understand with interactive visuals, easy to understand explanations, and real life examples.

W.E.L Financial Advisor

Very eye-opening, especially the details about life insurance. Going to go work on my exit strategy.

Christoph Z.

James is an incredibly passionate teacher and you can clearly see this through his teaching methods throughout the course. If you are motivated to learn and plan your financial future, this program will over-deliver for you and put you on the right path!

Bryce N.

James has put together exceptional video training in very simple terms. It is easy to get carried away with life and stop paying attention to managing money and retirement. He helped us see the benefits of moving some IRA dollars to Roth, and the likelihood of bigger tax impact in the future. He is very smart and works very hard in helping people understand their financial situation. I wish we would have focused on a financial plan in our 30's rather than in our 50's.

Joyce F.

This well-paced, instructive video class covers a number of important investment vehicles including life insurance policies, annuities, and qualified plans including Roth IRAs. There is great information on assessing where you're at to start with, determining an exit strategy, determining how taxes can be potentially reduced in the long-term and understanding the impact of inflation. All sorts of tidbits about history and general strategy round out this excellent, detailed introduction to retirement readiness.


Retirement Ready was an informative, straightforward explanation of key ways to look at investment paths for retirement. Well worth the cost.

Joshua V.