Are you really Retirement Ready?

If everything you believed to be true about retirement turned out not to be true, when would you want to know? 

Have you ever considered retirement to be like a 20 year vacation? Can you really afford to not plan for it or know exactly how you are going to make it without depleting your money?

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Course Modules

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Module 1: Introduction 

If everything you thought to be true about money turned out not to be true, how soon do you want to know?

Module 2: How Money Works  

PEM (Personal Economic Model), three ways money grows, three types of money, three stages of money, how you are transferring money unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Module 3: Market & Taxes 

Average vs. actual rate of return. Market history. Taxes then, now and in the future and how tax brackets will affect your retirement. 

Module 4: Qualified Accounts 

What are qualified accounts, the effect of postponing taxes, and how does the company match impact your future. 

Module 5: Things That Will Affect Your Retirement  

You are going love this short module. It is very eye-opening!

Module 6: Moving Forward

A Retirement Ready or Not Report example, your three biggest concerns in retirement: risk, taxation and accessibility, the importance of your investments in the accumulation and distribution stages and indexing.

Module 7: Club (Annuity) 

Dispel the myths around what an annuity is and why most people, regardless of their wealth, should likely own some in their portfolio at retirement.

Module 8: Club (Life Insurance) 

Learn about wants versus needs, the difference between life insurance and death insurance, learn how this stuff actually works and why banks park billions in this asset!

Module 9: Now What?

Get crystal clear on exactly where you are financially. FYI - I have never met a person who knew this prior to meeting me. Maybe you will be the first?


Retirement Ready

[How to Get From Where You Are, to Where You Want To Go]

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James has been a business owner, a mentor, and an entrepreneur for over 28 years. As an ex-Marine and black belt in Judo, James doesn't do anything in life he isn't passionate about. His continual interest in provoking thought and conversation led him to the financial industry. James has aligned himself with hundreds of clients who are willing to learn and take control of their future. His core belief if only when we are learning, are we growing.

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You see, procrastination is the BIGGEST threat to your financial future and your retirement. There is no better time than now to learn this and create a plan that will get you to where you want to go. Most people don't plan to fail... they fail to plan!

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