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Documents are written by expert estate planning attorneys, customized to fit your needs.

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It's the new way to create, manage & update your trust fully online. 

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The first step is to set up a discovery call with our estate planning specialist to get an overview of what our process looks like and answer any questions you may have.

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You will need to fill out our Estate Planning Questionnaire form and the Asset & Liability form online and they will be automatically sent back to us.

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Once you have completed these forms online, you will be scheduled with our in house concierge to help guide you the rest of the way. It's easy and simple. 

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Have true peace of mind, knowing that your documents are safely stored online, accessible anytime for updates or review and that your loved ones will avoid probate.

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Affordable, Fast & Easy!

Top features

  • Convenient & user friendly
  • Customizable for your family
  • Guided step by step with our concierge 
  • Available in ALL 50 states
  • Trusted & proven to work
  • Safe & accessible 24/7
  • Update & make changes ANYTIME - No additional legal fees ($29.95/ year to store your documents safely online)
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You can't put a price on peace of mind. The reality is you can get a Trust done anywhere from $600-$6,000, but rarely are they done completely and funded properly! And you will often pay large fees to update or change your Trust in the future. 

One of the BEST parts about our service is that there are no legal fees to change or update your Trust. It comes with unlimited changes and updates!

We ensure that your Trust will be done completely and funded properly. Still not sure? Reach out to us for more information and to answer any questions you may have (800) 538-8001.

Avoid probate court and pass down assets to your loved ones with our easy process.

One main benefit of completing a trust is that it allows you to have control over how your assets are distributed after you pass away. This can provide peace of mind and ensure that your assets are used in the way you intended, rather than being distributed according to state intestacy laws or court decisions. Avoid probate by getting started today! Procrastination is your #1 enemy for any financial plan. 

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Annette M.

"Being a mom of a special needs child, I knew of the importance to set up a living trust.  After attending an attorney run special needs trust seminar, and leaving confused and discouraged by the proposed cost of up to $5,000, I procrastinated once more. 

When I got a chance to look into EP Docs Estate Planning, which includes a special needs provision at no cost, I was surprised at how simple the whole process was. And for a fraction of the cost, I finished my own estate plan in less than a week.  

The best feature for me, is the ability to make unlimited changes at no additional cost.  

Can’t describe the relief I felt, after getting my complete package done."

Allan H.

"I have been attempting to initiate and complete my family trust for many years.  Finally, I can attest to Annette McCloe’s and James Johnson’s moral values, respect for all people, and upstanding character during this very important process in life. Throughout our relationship, I have consistently witnessed both of them demonstrate honesty, compassion, and empathy in nearly all aspects of the trust process...

...I recommend both Annette and James when starting the trust process.  The staff of Your Safe Money People are driven to make life better for the OC community and those who crosses paths with them on a daily basis."

Download our Sample Trust 

See our sample trust here by clicking below. This is what yours will look like when it is completed! In addition we will send you a neatly organized binder will all of your essential documents in order! 

View the Sample Trust

Complete Will & Trust Package

• Introduce process

• Interview with our concierge and input data

• Create attorney drafted documents fully online

Funding Assets

• Move assets into the trust to avoid probate

• Evaluate and optimize assets 

• Notarize will & trust documents

Completely Organized

• The trust is organized and all assets are properly funded

• Assets are optimized

• Review assets and estate documents annually

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