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Proven Wealth Building Strategies to Protect and Grow Your Money Risk-Free

What's your plan to minimize taxes, maximize retirement and NEVER run out of income? We are all about education, safety and predictability.

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The game of retirement is won by protection.

If everything you believed to be true about money turned out not to be true, when would you want to know? Learn the strategies to protect and grow your money in the most tax-advantageous, risk-free manner. We look at your retirement differently. We are your safe money people.


Cutting-edge strategies so you can be protected and prepared for the 21st century (post-pandemic) economy.

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Building brighter financial futures and providing peace of mind with confidence for individuals and families.

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Retirement Ready or NOT? Will You Have Enough?

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"Jim spent many hours with us over the course of our appointments, and with no charge. He gave us his time to help us understand Social Security, annuities, life insurance, and how much money we will really get from our 401K's. James is helping us make our money work for us in ways we had never considered before, including giving as little as possible to Uncle Sam. Do you want to hear the truth about the lies you have been told? Then James Johnson is the teacher you want. Have you ever sat through a long sales presentation for life insurance and learned very little? How does it fit into the big picture? What about my other investments and liabilities? No one has ever offered to look at our personal situation and show us how to make the best use of our money. James has advised us in broad variety of financial instruments, even some that are of no personal profit to himself. He wants us to know why any insurance product or annuity is right for us. When we are ready, we will purchase these products from him. Thanks, James!'

- John C.

"James spent approximately 2.5 hours of his time on a Saturday going through all my investments to advise me as to my tax liability and to help me minimize my taxes through Roth conversions. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him."

- Donna G.

“I found James at just the right time.  I had lost almost 50% of my money in the market and, with my monthly expenses, was looking at the real possibility of running out of money in 6-8 years.  James was able to put my money in a safe place to grow and created a monthly income for life so I’ll NEVER run out of money.  Thank you!”

- Peggy S. 

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Do you have your Trust?

"Only 23% of American's over age 50 have a trust." To add to this - a big majority of people with a Trust don't have it funded properly! Do you have this important document to complete your Estate plan. Would you bet your life on it? We have the solution to give you peace of mind with our new Estate Planning service. 

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