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If you can be rich or 100% guaranteed that you'll never run out of money, which one would you choose? The stock market goes up an average of 3.9 years and then it corrects itself by no less than 20%. In the last 62 years, the stock market has once - and only once - ever gone up by 5 years in a row.

 We've recently hit 5 years in a row of growth. What do you suppose is going to happen? Do you remember 2000? 2001? 2002? 2008? Did you lose a lot of money? Do you want to do it again?

 What's your plan to make sure that that doesn't happen?

The average top marginal tax bracket is 58.6%

Tax rates have been as high as 94% of the last 101 years of the income tax law. The average for the top marginal tax bracket is 58.6%. We're currently sitting at 39.6% with a 3.8% surcharge.

 We have a national deficit of over $26 trillion dollars (with a T)! We bring in $3 trillion yet we spend $3.6 trillion and we've made unfunded promises for Social Security, Medicare, and prescription drugs of $117 trillion.

 What do you suppose is going to happen to taxes in the future - are they going to go up? stay the same? Or, go down?

That’s a huge drop to your retirement nest egg. I help you protect and grow your money in the most tax advantageous, risk-free manner. I’m proud to say none of our clients have ever lost a dime.

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