"I originally had my money in a 401(k). Went through a divorce and lost most of it, but what money I had left, I invested it with James. I've seen an 18% increase in my money. Especially, in this economy. It's made a big difference in my life." 

- Sarah B. | Mission Viejo, CA


"James asked me, "Where do you want to be five years from now?" I told him I would like to have the same amount of money today and then live those five years off of that money. And we pretty much accomplished that!

- Donald T. | Mission Viejo, CA

“I was paying a monthly premium for my life insurance policy.  After Jim reviewed it, he was able to get me almost TWICE the coverage, keep ALL my cash value, and I now pay NO MORE PREMIUM!  All I had to do was schedule a time to have someone come to me to give me a free physical -  amazing!”

- Jerry P. - Mission Viejo, CA


“I found James at just the right time.  I had lost almost 50% of my money in the market and, with my monthly expenses, was looking at the real possibility of running out of money in 6-8 years.  James was able to put my money in a safe place to grow and created a monthly income for life so I’ll NEVER run out of money.  Thank you!”

- Peggy S. - Silver Lake, CA


“I have worked with James Johnson for about four years.  During that time, I have come to know James as very knowledgeable about financial and retirement planning.  He has helped us focus on our retirement and made us realize that we need to pay attention to the details as well as diversify our portfolio.  Through our discussions with James and reading a couple of books he recommended, we have found a way to fulfill one of our dreams of buying a beach house.

 James is very direct and creative and is most concerned with doing what is best for his clients.  I have recommended James to my friends and will continue to do so.”

- Peter D. - Mission Viejo, CA


W.E.L., Financial Advisor

“I’ve been a financial advisor for over 30 years.  During that time, I have found that people are often paralyzed by the idea of sitting down to plan for their retirement.  Making decisions about their investment, income and tax planning can be overwhelming.  In his video series, James makes these complicated concepts much easier to understand with interactive visuals, easy to understand explanations, and real life examples.“ 


Bryce N.

"James is an incredibly passionate teacher and you can clearly see this through his teaching methods throughout the course.  If you are motivated to learn and plan your financial future, this program will over-deliver for you and put you on the right path!" 

Mike M.

"James puts a ton of enthusiasm and content into each of his educational videos: I learned so much about optimizing my “different buckets” of money in preparation for retirement.  The education I got is definitely going to pay off in the long run.With James’ videos and his personal help, I won’t procrastinate or fail to plan — I’ll really “get round 'tuit” and, hopefully, keep smiling into retirement!"

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